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FIFTEEN Queensland schools facing closure next year have been spruced up with $4.5 million from the Federal Government's blighted stimulus program.

Schools in regional areas with as few as three students still received as much as $300,000 for new libraries or resource centres plus campus refurbishments even though they were earmarked for possible closure.

Read more: Rudd Government spends $4.5m at Queensland schools on closure hit list

Drowning is the greatest cause of accidental death in children under five in Australia. Each week, on average, one child drowns.

In 1988 to combat drowning, Laurie Lawrence created the Kids Alive - Do the Five water safety program. The Kids Alive community service program educates the public on five important steps to reduce the risk of preschool drowning.

Kids Alive - Do The Five!

1. Fence the pool
2. Shut the gate
3. Teach your kids to swim - it's great
4. Supervise - watch your mate and
5. Learn how to resuscitate

Go to to learn more or to watch the Living With Water DVD

THE Federal Government must immediately freeze the planned sale of a 7.2 hectare river front site at Long Pocket in Brisbane’s inner west, LNP candidate for Indooroopilly Scott Emerson has demanded.

Mr Emerson warned Long Pocket would be devastated if inappropriate development occurs on the site which is currently home to the CSIRO Long Pocket facility on Meiers Rd.

“Without any consultation the Federal Government at the weekend begun advertising for sale this site, claiming it is as an ‘outstanding’ development opportunity, with tenders closing in less than a month,” Mr Emerson said.

“There will be nothing outstanding for local residents if a massive development occurs on this site which puts unacceptable pressure on local roads, threatening to change the character of Long Pocket and impact on local wildlife.”

“The Federal Government is treating locals with contempt. It must immediately freeze this sale and undertake genuine and comprehensive consultation with the local community about the future of this site.”

Mr Emerson said the site was one of the largest and most valuable pieces of land in Brisbane and would be expected to fetch tens of millions of dollars if sold.

“The Federal Government will be keen to sell quickly to fund its economic stimulus package. The risk is even greater than usual because Federal Government land is not subject to Brisbane City Council development regulations.”

Mr Emerson said local residents at a meeting he organised in front of the site today expressed their fears about the future of the site.

“They have been left in the dark and want the Federal Government to listen to their concerns and freeze the sale,” Mr Emerson said.

Just weeks after the opening of the upgraded Indooroopilly Railway Station, a section of subway suffering serious neglect has been bought to light.

The much-touted facelift was carried out by the State Government at a cost of over $26 million, yet the mouldy and sewage affected area of the subway has been ignored.  The State MP for Indooroopilly has previously taken credit for the expensive makeover, yet in a display of petty politics the State Labor Government claims that the affected part of the subway is the responsibility of the Brisbane City Council.

Chair of the Brisbane City Council Public Transport Committee and Councillor for Walter Taylor, which includes the Indooroopilly area, Jane Prentice, who has labeled the State's actions as 'childish', has given an undertaking that the matter will be investigated and resolved by Brisbane City Council and called on the State Government for an explanation as to why the work was not carried out as part of the upgrade.  Scott Emerson, the LNP candidate for the State election stated that the station makeover lacked vital facilities such as off-street parking and integration with buses and that the latest revelation was another example of the Bligh Labor Government's inability to plan properly.  "The LNP would have done this properly from the beginning; proper planning and delivery is what the electorate expects" Emerson said.