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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Palaszczuk Labor Government has abandoned Indooroopilly delivering a budget that cuts infrastructure spending and key services.

Member for Indooroopilly Scott Emerson said the incompetent Palaszczuk Labor Government had failed the people of Indooroopilly by delivering another budget of broken promises propped up by raids on public servants’ superannuation and increased taxes,” said Mr Emerson.

“Premier Palaszczuk and her clueless Treasurer have handed down a budget that fails to deliver the jobs and services Queensland and the Indooroopilly electorate needs now and for the future.

“Labor promised a budget that would deliver jobs in Queensland but unemployment will rise. They promised a budget that would pay down debt but instead debt will increase. They promised record infrastructure but have slashed infrastructure funding to a record low.

“They’ve made cuts to budgets including Education, Police and Transport and Main Roads meaning the Indooroopilly electorate will miss out on vital infrastructure and services, all because Labor can’t manage the books.

“This is a budget of raids, rip-offs and write downs which offers nothing for Queensland.”

Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls said today’s Palaszczuk-Pitt Budget confirmed Labor was incapable of delivering a sustainable long-term economic plan or creating jobs for Queensland.

“Budgets should boost business confidence, infrastructure investment and jobs but the Palaszczuk Labor Government has failed on all counts,” Mr Nicholls.

“Premier Palaszczuk and her clueless Treasurer only know how to deliver short-term sugar hits that will fail to deliver the jobs and services that Queenslanders need now and for the future. What happens when they run out of hollow logs to raid?”

Labor’s budget cuts by portfolio:

Department of Education and Training $191.2 million

Department of Transport and Main Roads $102.8 million

Queensland Police $38.1 million

Department of Justice and Attorney-General $28.3 million

Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing $6.6 million

Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation $5.9 million

Department of the Premier and Cabinet $5.1 million

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries $5 million budget year and forward estimates

Queensland Treasury $4.5 million

Department of State Development $2.9 million

Department of Environment and Heritage Protection $2.7 million

Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning $2.7 million

Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders $1 million budget year and forward estimates

Department of Energy and Water Supply $0.9 million

Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and Commonwealth Games $0.4 million