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" More than 3,500 homes and businesses in my electorate were affected during the devastating January floods. Many of those affected are still struggling with the mean-spirited, unfair insurance companies as well as trying to access financial support. In contrast, we have seen hardworking locals tirelessly supporting and rebuilding their community over the months since the floods."

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"The Queensland government goes on about wanting Queensland companies to be successful and to be exporters, but it will not buy from those same companies. By far the biggest help that governments can give to local industry would be to put its money where its mouth is and to buy from these companies."

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Hansard Tuesday, 15 February 2011

" As I moved around my electorate there were moments and memories that I will hold forever from those fateful days. Some are immensely sad, such as standing with families as the waters of the swollen river began to reach up streets almost as fast as you could walk and seeing the realisation on their faces as they knew their homes and possessions had already been lost or were about to be lost; knowing how powerless they felt to stop the waters and, to be honest, how powerless I felt to be able to ease their fear and heartbreak.

After the waters receded, I witnessed street after street of devastation, homes destroyed, ruined possessions collected in monstrous piles on the kerbs and the blank stares of those who knew that what they had was gone and the future that lay ahead was something uncertain. If you return to those streets today, the roads may have been scrapped clean of mud, the kerb cleared of rubbish and families may have returned to those homes, but the personal and emotional landscape remains in ruins and will for a very long time."

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Hansard Thursday, 17 February 2011

"The dam level was 106 per cent on the morning of Friday, 7 January. That is the Friday before the week of the floods. It reached 148 per cent on the morning of Monday, 10 January due to limited weekend releases. Over that weekend the dam increased by more than 40 per cent of its capacity but there were only limited releases. This is in the lead-up to the floods that swamped Brisbane and affected 3,500 homes in my electorate.

Experts reportedly concluded that this seriously comprised the dam’s ability to store additional run-off. The dam reached 190 per cent by Tuesday when its operators made huge and unprecedented releases to prevent the system collapsing. The Australian reported that more than 80 per cent of the flood in the Brisbane River at its peak was the direct result of a critically urgent release from the Wivenhoe Dam of almost one-third of its capacity. It was forced to do that because they did not release the water sufficiently over the previous weekend."

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"Of course, electoral rorting is not something new to the ALP. Let us not forget that three of their MPs left this parliament in disgrace as a result of the Shepherdson inquiry into electoral fraud. The Deputy Premier remembers it well, because he appeared before that inquiry. The ALP will do whatever it takes to hold on to power, including break the law. So now we are seeing the ALP wanting to scrap the Fitzgerald inspired changes. We have already seen Labor sell out their supporters with the asset sales. Now they want to sell out what few principles they have left by changing the voting system and cheating to win an election."

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Mr EMERSON (Indooroopilly—LNP) (9.34 pm): Worsening traffic congestion continues to impact on Brisbane’s liveability and our environment. Traffic has been consistently growing in Brisbane by around two per cent a year, or an extra 80,000 trips a day. In the western suburbs—that includes my electorate of Indooroopilly—that growth is even higher. Some drivers are now experiencing congestion at the same intersections on the weekend as they do on weekdays. A report this year by Infrastructure Australia found that Brisbane faces the steepest rise in congestion costs, up 74 per cent to an average unit cost of more than 11c per kilometre by 2020. Surveys reveal that congestion is now the major issue for people across my electorate.

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"Within my community, the members of the Western Group SES, along with their leader, Peter Healey, are on call 24/7. Peter runs a group of over 60 trained and qualified members. They are trained in all aspects of emergency services and give up an enormous amount of time for skills training and maintenance. As one of the members of the Western Group SES, Brad Robson, said to me, no heart beats more true than that of a volunteer. I believe this is especially true with the group at Toowong."

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Hansard Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Mr EMERSON (Indooroopilly—LNP) (7.59 pm): As a parent of teenage children, I am very much aware of not only the opportunities and advantages that technology such as the internet and mobile phones provide for our community’s youth but also the potential risks and harm that can accompany them. That is why this move by the LNP to crack down on school cyberbullying is so important. Under these laws, devices used to record bullying against schoolchildren would be immediately confiscated.

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Hansard Thursday, 2 September 2010

Mr EMERSON (Indooroopilly—LNP) (4.50 pm): With around 3,000 convicted sex offenders living in Queensland, many of us will know someone who has been a victim of these predators. These victims can be anyone—male or female, a child, a teenage, an adult or an elderly person. The one thing they all have in common is the nightmare of having to live with painful memories every day for the rest of their lives— memories that can continue to cause irreparable damage. We cannot erase these memories. We cannot change the fact that they have been a victim of a heinous and indecent crime. We can, however, protect these victims and the rest of our community from having it happen again.

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Hansard Tuesday, 15 September 2010

Mr EMERSON (Indooroopilly—LNP) (3.46 pm): Queenslanders ask themselves every day whether they can believe anything that this Labor government tells them. When we heard the previous speaker talk about his time as a ministerial adviser one doubts very much the truth involved in his speech. This government has been characterised not just by massive debt and massive deficit but also massive deceit. This is a government that has refined the art of cover-up and has been proved to have had corruption in its ministerial ranks. This is why it is so important to have effective whistleblowing laws.

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